About Us

Colonial Car Wash in Farmington, Michigan was founded in 1989 by Mark and Holly Owen. We are known as “Farmington’s Finest” for our quality car care and friendly staff. Customers drive from all over Metro Detroit knowing that a “Colonial” car wash means a cleaner car and better protection from harsh weather conditions and Michigan roads. Colonial Car Wash was recognized by the Michigan Car Wash Association as the “Best Car Wash” in 2000 and continues its reputation for excellent service today. Choose the car wash package that is right for you! Car wash Coupon Books are available too!

Colonial Oil Exchange opened  in 2000 right next door to Colonial Car Wash. It leverages Mark’s passion and expertise for maintaining peak automobile performance. Colonial Oil Exchange offers a wide range of products from economy to premium oils, and all name brand oils are available. Your car is serviced by technicians with over 20 years experience in the quick lube industry. Check out our oil change packages.

Corporate customers trust their vehicle fleet to Colonial. If you have a company with 5 or more vehicles that require maintenance and service, let us help. Learn more about our Fleet programs.

Meet Colonial Car Wash and Colonial Oil Exchange

Mark is a Licensed Master Mechanic and Holly attended College for Creative Studies. With Mark’s mechanical knowledge and Holly’s business/marketing background, this duo created a successful working team that brings exceptional value to you.  Customers are neighbors, friends, and fellow community members and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pay it forward!

Throughout our 20 year history, Colonial Car Wash and Colonial Oil Exchange has remained true to these core beliefs:

  • Produce quality products for our customer’s cars
  • Employ a great staff that respects our customers and our team members
  • Give back to our community

Famous Billboards

Colonial posts inspiring motivational quotes, birth announcements, and community messages that touch the hearts of so many people driving by. People cruise down Nine Mile in Farmington just to see what we have to say. It is our pleasure to post a message of hope, give you a reason to smile, or a thought to reflect on!