Colonial Car Wash Recognized in Friends of the Rouge River Project

Did you know that washing your car in your driveway is actually harmful to the environment? Why? Because the soapy water runs down the driveway into the storm sewers and directly into our lakes and streams. Ten minutes of a hose running in your driveway is over 150 gallons of water!

At Colonial Car Wash we use biodegradable products and only 25 gallons of fresh water per vehicle. Our filtration systems collects all of the used water and separates the caustic chemicals like acid rain, dirt, and salt from the water in our 5,000 gallon reclaim pit. The separated water is then safety sent into the sanitary sewer system instead of our lakes and streams.

For many years Colonial Car Wash provided an educational, hands-on workshop to the Farmington Elementary Schools. Each workshop was host to students that ran the car wash for a half-day.  Students learned about the Rouge River watershed and were encouraged to take action to restore and protect the river. The Rough River runs through Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties and has 126 river miles and numerous tributaries.  Colonial Car Wash received recognition from Farmington Public Schools and Michigan Govenor Jennifer Granholm for their participation in the Mini-Society and the Friends of the Rouge River Project.