Fluid Exchanges

Fluid exchanges maximize your vehicles longevity and efficiency is through preventative maintenance.  For service recommendations on specific vehicles, let our certified technicians work with you to create program that is right for you.

Colonial Oil Exchange - Fluid Exchanges
Service How Often? Why?
Transmission Fluid Exchange Every 50,000 miles The components of the transmission provide the transmission of power to drive the vehicle.  Old and degraded transmission fluid can cause premature wear, additional friction, and damage to the transmission.
Cooling System Exchange Every 80,000 miles or 5 years Antifreeze circulating from the radiator, engine, and heater cores provides heat transfer as well as freeze protection, anti boil, and stops corrosion. Changing this fluid extends radiator, heater core, and engine life.
Differential Fluid Exchange Every 15,000 miles The Differential is a gear box that allows the wheels to turn at different speeds—like when you turn a corner.  Replacing old fluids with new prolongs the life of your axle, reduces friction,  and prevents premature wear of the gears by keeping them clean and lubricated.
Transfer Case Fluid Exchange Every 25,000 miles The transfer case is a gear box that is found in four-wheel and all-wheel-drive vehicles. It sends drive power from the engine to the front or rear axles.  It helps all-wheel-drive vehicles shift power from one axle to another depending on traction control.