Other Services

Colonial Oil Exchange offers other services that improve vehicles longevity and efficiency through preventative maintenance.  For service recommendations on specific vehicles, let our certified technicians work with you to create program that is right for you.

Other Colonial Oil Exchange Services
Service How Often Why?
Cabin Air Cleaning Service Once a year or as needed Car interiors can develop odors when mold or bacteria are present. This service kills odor-producing mold and bacteria in your climate control system to help freshen your vehicle and improve the air quailty in the cabin.
Cabin Air Filter Replacement Every 25,000 miles or once a year The cabin air filter removes dirt, dust, pollen, and mold from the air entering the interior of your vehicle. Changing this filter helps maintain proper airflow and purity entering your cabin area.
Battery Check Any time This free service is available any time. Just stop by and we'll test your battery. We will visually inspect the battery cable terminals and clean the battery posts if needed.
Serpentine Belts Check for cracks and wear once a year Power is transferred from the engine to various engine components via the serpentine belt. Removing and replacing an old serpentine belt can improve performance of the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and air conditioner compressor.
Power Steering Check every 3 month Power steering fluid enables easier vehicle handling and steering. Checking fluid levels ensures proper steering performance and prolongs the life of the pump and steering gear boxes.
Tire Rotation Every 7000 miles Tires last longer with even wear to the treads. Rotating your tires will prolong their life and give you a smoother and safer ride.
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Added when oil changed Reduces emissions in diesel engines and contributes to fuel economy improvements.
Fuel Injector Cleaner Every 10,000 miles Maximize fuel economy while reducing emmisions and restoring horse power.  We perform both 2-part fuel injection cleaning and 3-part fuel injection synthetic cleaning.
Engine Flush Every 15,000 miles or as needed Removes accumulated sludge deposits in engine lubriation passageways allowing oil to reach all internal engine components for proper heat transfer and lubrication.